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TaskBender works with small business owners to develop their communication strategy and brand identity. We manage copywriting tasks such as – email marketing, fundraising/sponsorship letters, business proposals, reports, surveys, and external communications – to help build brand recognition and consistency. We help our clients manage customer interactions and B2B communication by giving business owners the support of a dedicated communications department.


A strong online presence is vital in order to engage and interact with your customers. We develop digital content for business websites to help attract new customers and build online relationships. We help business owners establish a digital presence by managing their blogs, newsletters, and website updates. It's easy to start working with us, because we are dedicated to personalizing the copywriting process – which enables our clients to focus on business operations while we help build their brand.


Social networking with your clients provides a unique opportunity to get personal with your target audience. We help business owners interact with their customers by posting news, events, and activities on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. TaskBender will create and manage the content of your social media accounts, which helps business owners build and maintain a strong online presence. We collaborate with you to write creative copy that is platform specific and consistent with your brand identity.

About Us

We value the craft of writing. Web content is important, especially in the digital age we live in. Customers want to interact with businesses by building online connections through social media interactions, blogs, and marketing campaigns. Most business owners achieve this by establishing their website and online presence as a valuable resource for their patrons. We learn about the interests of your customers and the values of your business, so we can develop web content that will attract more customers to your products and services.

We like to get technical. Learning about new products and services is essential to business copywriting. We have experience in developing brand communications for universities, real estate properties, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs. It's important to invest time in providing accurate, updated information to your customers. We partner with business owners to help them manage their website content, social media accounts, and business communication needs.

Creativity, that's important too. Finding creative ways to communicate with your audience is vital to the success of your business relationships. Your marketing materials and branding documents are opportunities to showcase the value of your brand. We develop a communication strategy that will increase customer engagement and retention.

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A Creative, Innovative, and Market Focused approach to writing and communication with TaskBender.